Saranda is an ancient city which continuously has been a port, during the whole periods, becoming an important communication with the Mediterranean countries. It is today a lovely city, loved not only by Albanians but also by foreigners. Located in the Ionian Blue Bay in the southernmost extremity of Albania, the city offers spectacular views as it sits opposite Corfu.

Graced from the terraces of olives and citrus, embodied with white, blue and green Ionian vegetation and beaches, Saranda can be considered the Nymph of the Ionian Seashore.

It is worth visiting Saranda during the four seasons because the nature and the city have a lot to offer in each one. In spring you can admire its green spaces, the beautiful mountain scenery and the sea. The Greenness “invades” the outskirts of the city and a few miles from its center, you can take any direction and enjoy the “renaissance” of the vegetation everywhere in Butrint, in Blue Eye, on the terraces of Lukova, among the sources of Borshi etc… During the summer the blue Ionian beaches and water sports invite the people to dive into. Beside the other sea food products, you may also taste the “Queen of the Lake”-the Butrint Mussle. In autumn, the nature offers wonderful views of olives, bio products and citrus, which decorate the agro-tourist fair spaces, occupying the attention of the numerous visitors. While enjoying its mild climate with more than 280 sunny days, in winter you can visit numerous monuments of cultural heritage and follow the itineraries developed commonly for tourists in summertime.

The tourist season starts officially on 15 May and lasts well into September.

What to wear- Saranda is one of the warmest parts of Albania. Therefore, light clothes are usually recommended. Warmer clothes are needed for the cold days in wintertime. A pullover feels comfortable in the cool summer evenings by the sea-side, or up the hill housing the Lekures Castle.  

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