Blue Eye

The Blue Eye, which is located on the main road between Saranda and Gjirokastra, just 25 km away from Saranda town, is a karst source, the best known and most unique in Albania. The cold water that comes from the land, 50 meters inside, appears on the surface to force a flow of 6 m³/s, creating a small basin which then flows into the river of Bistrica.

This miracle of nature is surrounded by a beauty of forest composed of oak and shrubs, and evergreen vegetation which increases the grace of the source. It is obviously one of the most beautiful natural monuments, where the crystal water, the beauty of nature, the fresh air and the relief fractures make it desirable during the twelve months of the year.

Certainly the biggest influx of visitors is during the summer, when Saranda is a great host of tourists but this tourist spot, offers pleasure also during the cold season.

The legends of the country are many, but what dominates is that of a beautiful girl who was sacrificed to the gods to have for free the pure water source. The place is appropriate for the daily tourism, exploring the many areas of green, among the old century plane-trees the dense shrubs and the several water sources.

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