Situated just 18 km away from Saranda city, the national archaeological and natural park of Butrint, is the most important cultural and natural object of Albania. The park of Butrint is a source of national pride. The geographical location and magnificent ruins of Butrint provide a unique atmosphere, which has enchanted visitors for centuries. It was declared a world heritage center by UNESCO in 1992, and its 12 hectares are part of wetland areas with international importance protected by the RAMSAR convention.

The city was built around the XIII century BC by the Trojans according to the Mythology. The strategic control of Butrint in Ion and land parts in the Balkans makes it desirable from major European powers since the First Peloponnesian war in the V century up to those Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman.

A number of major monuments are still extant including the city walls, late-antique baptistery, great basilica, the theatre and Venetian castles.  

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