Lekures Castle

Besides the city the inhabitants of Saranda were looted many times. By and by they moved away from the sea, and settled in Lekures, which is an abandoned village today.

The trip to the castle is only several minutes drive on a paved alley running past the Gjashta Pass, found several minutes away from the city. It is amazing to see that a very comfortable and pleasant restaurant, frequented by numerous tourists, is there instead of former ruins.

The Lekures Castle is related to the name of one of the well-known sultans: the Glorious Suleiman. It seems it was precisely him who built the Castle in 1537, when he attacked Corfu that was under Venice. Once up there, like the Ottomans in the past, visitors will be able to control the alleys connecting Saranda with Butrint and Delvina.

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