Shipping Agent

  • Nautical information and maps
  • Berth Reservation
  • Inward/Outward Yacht Clearances
  • Cruising & Customs procedures
  • Fresh water/provisions
  • Fuel supply (tax and duty free fuel to all navy vessels at the most competitive prices)
  • Arrangement for pilot, tugs (if necessary) and garbage removal
  • Laundry

For nautical information please see Related Information page on our website or email us your questions.


  1. Our sailing friends Roberto and Maria Isabel from Brasil who stayed at Saranda port for 4 days with their beautiful boat "Bicho Vermelho".
  2. Claudia and Gunter who sailed their boat "SAUDADE I" to Saranda, Albania.
  3. Trevor and Kristy with their boat "Rogue Brit"
  4. Our sailing friends from France, Mary and Jean-Jacques with their boat "THIRA"
  5. Lelia and Jeffrey on their boat "IVORY MOON"

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